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Dr. Peter Glidden



  1. 1976 -1978: Williams College
  2. 1984 -1987: BS Pre-Med, University of Massachusetts
  3. 1987 -1991: ND, Bastyr University of naturopathic Medicine
  4. 1989 - Present:Member American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  5. 1992 - Present: Licensed to practice Naturopathic medicine.
  6. 2006 - Present: Mentored with Dr. Joel Wallach, DVM, ND
  7. Current ND license: Minnesota #1022



   My name is Peter Glidden. I am a licensed Naturopathic doctor. I have 30 years of clinical experience helping people to recover their health without the use of prescription drugs. I am 60 years old and take NO prescription meds. My health is excellent. It will probably surprise you to realize that safe and effective NON-DRUG medical treatments (developed and delivered by licensed and regulated Naturopathic doctors) have existed for a long time. 


   Now don't get me wrong - pharmaceuticals have their place - and as a licensed Naturopathic doctor I can prescribe them to my patients when necessary. I mean - thank God for Novocaine and Insulin. But drugs are a lot like guns. It's how they are used that makes the difference. Did you know that the prescription medications you are taking are not intended to FIX your health concerns? That's right - the drugs you are prescribed are only intended to MANAGE your health concerns. Like putting your fingers into a leaking dike, when prescription drugs are the ONLY treatment that you use, it is only a matter of time until the dam breaks. Then, ironically, you are prescribed another and then another and then another drug. Nothing gets cured - and then you need a different set of drugs to manage the side-effects of the first ones! Pretty good for Big Pharma. Not so good for you. With a treatment strategy like this, your health inevitably gets worse every few years, and then your "Golden Years" turn into little more than a revolving door to the hospital, and an autobiography regarding pain and suffering.


   Thankfully, there is a way out of this medical mousetrap. I have put together a searchable online Library of Health-Recovery Information - information which has been gleaned from 30 years of my clinical work with real patients suffering from real illnesses. 


This is Self-Help-Health-Recovery at its finest. 


   Your body's ability to heal itself is greater than anyone has led you to believe. If you follow the advice outlined in my Health-Recovery Library, then the chances are high that you will experience a noticeable reduction in your symptoms along with a greater sense of wellbeing. Given the choice, most people would attempt to fix the dam rather than to just put their fingers into the leaks.


What about you?

First things first...

   Listen. The information contained in this Subscription is exceptionally good. It can definitely help you. But if you don't have the desire to change, or if you think that the information contained in this Subscription is magically going to help you to get healthy in just a few days - then don't get it. It doesn't work like that. Healing is a marathon, not a sprint. It take time. It requires you to STOP eating things that you are used to eating, and to START eating things that are new to you. It requires you to add Nutritional Supplements to your diet EVERY day. These things are not hard to do, but they do require CHANGE. You MUST be ready, willing and able to make some changes (for the long-term) in order for the health-recovery strategies contained in this Subscription to work.


   So with that understanding let me jump right in and show you what this is all about!

Exactly What You're Getting

   First of all, this Subscription is the result of 30 years of my clinical work as a licensed Naturopathic doctor treating real patients suffering from real illnesses. This makes it entirely unique. There is no other resource like it anywhere in the world. It is the very definition of "One-of-a-Kind."


This Subscription gives you 24-hour access to my entire Library of Health-Recovery Information - Information put together from 30 years of clinical work. 


   My online Library covers over 100 different health conditions. In an easy to understand and entertaining to watch video format, I tell you what the MDs think about the subject, and what I think about the subject. More importantly, I give you a step-by-step plan for what to do to get on the other side of your condition. Got Heartburn? Point and click. Got Arthritis? Point and click. My health-recovery protocols are based on over 3 decades of my clinical experience - you will not find this information anywhere else. They are time-tested and have produced results over and over again. (For a list of testimonials from people who have followed my advice, go to the Testimonial tab in the menu bar on the home page of this website).


If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, you're going to LOVE this!


   In addition to the potential health benefits that you can secure by following my advice, by using this Subscription you will also LEARN a great deal. It's better for someone to teach you how to fish than to just give you a fish - right? Here's a smattering of the life-changing and mind-opening info you will have access to:

  • Learn about the amazing human body/mind - and how it works.
  • Learn a little history regarding the evolution of medicine. What you have been taught by the mainstream media is only half of the story...
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of Medical Nutrition.
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of Homeopathic medicine.
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of Botanical medicine.
  • Learn how to safely Detox your body - and what does that really mean, anyway?
  • Vaccinations - good or bad? You might be surprised...
  • Real and Effective Influenza prevention and treatment.
  • ​Cancer - the truth about chemotherapy.
  • "Alternative" cancer treatments that work.
  • Sooo much more...


 Here's a screenshot of just some of the available titles:



“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

- Max Planck

The father of Quantum physics



"If the story is true, not everybody who had the chance actually boarded Noah's Ark. It's no different today regarding Wholistic Medicine. More's the pity..."

- Peter Glidden, ND

Your body's ability to heal itself is greater than anyone has led you to believe. Let me give you a guided tour of the undiscovered country of Science-Based, Clinically Verified, Licensed & Regulated Naturopathic medicine. You are going to love how you feel. 

Your steadfast advocate for health,

                                  - Dr. Glidden

Here's Everything You Can Get With A Subscription:

  • Youngevity-Centric Content! Specifically designed to help Youngevity distributers to promote Youngevity-Health.

    • Health Webinars 
    • Product Webinars
    • Network Marketing Webinars 
    • Graphics

    Oh - by the way: You can share, via email, any or all of these with your prospects! It's FREE for them (for 24 hours), and EMPOWERING for you. Point, Click, Share, Sign 'em up, Change The World!

  • Webinars! Pre-recorded health webinars featuring me. (Imagine that). Short, sweet, and to the point. Hundreds of webinars in the library now - with more added each month. Blood Sugar Health? Point and Click! Heart Health? Point and Click! Weight Loss Strategies? Point and Click! You get the picture. 

    Oh - by the way: You can share, via email, these Webinars with others in your life who are also struggling with their health! It's FREE for them (for 24 hours), and EMPOWERING for you. Point, Click, Share - Change The World!

  • Live Health Webinars - 1-2 New titles each month are broadcast Live. These Live events include a Group Chat feature so you can interact with our community of Like-Minded souls. After the Live-Event, these webinars are archived for your future viewing pleasure.

  • The Dr. Glidden Show - 1-2 New Broadcasts each month are streamed Live. I discuss current events related to health and interview Wholistic-Health practitioners from all around the world. These Live events include a Group Chat feature so you can interact with our community of Like-Minded souls. After the Live-Event, the shows are archived in the vault - so you can watch them any time. Boom!

  • Live-Chat Preferred Seating - Get to the front of the line in my world-wide Live Chat sessions. These events fill-up quickly and I often don't have enough time to answer all of the questions posted. A subscription moves you up in the que! Boom!

  • Live-Chat Archives - Searchable archives. Listen to hundreds of my answers to health questions just like yours.

  • Podcast Access! Did you know that I have a VERY FUNNY and VERY INFORMATIVE Podcast each week? Sorry - that's not true. It's TWICE each week! This is where you come to learn a little and laugh a lot. It's the lighter side of the brain trust - and it's a delight to listen to. 45 Podcasts are in the library right now, with 2 new ones added each week (more or less).

  • Surprise Live Events! Every once in a while I will produce a Live-Chat where you can show up and ask me any question you want. Tap into my 30 years of experience, get educated, live long and prosper! Not bad.

  • Product Discounts! Discount codes for the tangible stuff sold in my online store - Books, DVDs, Shirts, Mugs, Time Machines - well I might have sold out of all of the Time Machines - but you get the idea!

Here's What To Do Next

The cost of this Subscription ranges from $19.95 to $29.95 per month, and you get access to all of my content instantly once you make the purchase! Think of how much you pay for your medical insurance each month - and how's that working for you? This subscription is less than $1.00 per day, and will arguably be one of the BEST Health-Investments that you EVER make...


As soon as you place your order, you'll get an automated email with easy to understand instructions about how to access all of the great content included in your Subscription.


All that you need to access it is an internet connection.


I think you know what the Internet is...


Oh, and in case you're wondering ...you can cancel your monthly subscription at ANY TIME - EASILY.


But seriously... Why would you?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing from you on the Live-Chats - That are a part of this Subscription - That you are going to purchase - Right now!


Live Long & Prosper,


Dr. Glidden


P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the offer, here's the deal:


  • I are offering you a Subscription to my online Library of Health Recovery information that was developed from 30 years of my clinical work as a licensed Naturopathic doctor.
  • As a subscriber, you will gain immediate and ongoing access to:
    • Health Webinars - shareable with anyone via email.
    • A searchable Archive of hundreds of hours of my answers to Health Questions.
    • My Fun & Enlightening Podcast - with new episodes twice a week.

And claim your subscription now. 

You won't regret it!


Individual results may vary. Just because the people referenced here have experienced positive benefits from my advice is no guarantee that you will also. There are LOTS of variables at play here and I am NOT making the assertion that the information contained in my Subscription Service is 100% effective 100% of the time. The only way to know for sure is to give it the old college try...

Robin M

“I am so grateful that my son took the time and told me about Dr. Glidden. I am 61 years old and over the years have had numerous health problems. I have been told by my Dr’s that I have COPD and needed to be on oxygen, and that I would have limited activities.
After listening to Dr. Glidden’s Information, I went on a Gluten-Free Diet which helped me loose my fat Belly. After following the Health Recovery Program that Dr. Glidden outlined in his videos, my cravings went away!

After a couple months. I told my Dr. I do not think I need oxygen anymore. I am so active now. I am Mowing The lawn, Riding Bikes with my 11-year-old Granddaughter...who by the way Lives with me. After raising 4 children of my own, I needed the energy that I had in my 30’s. I sleep well 7 Hours a night. Eat healthy....I do not crave fast food. I feel healthy....I am having more fun. Dr. Glidden’s recommendations changed my life!

The MDs just seem to be scratching their heads in Surprise.. They do not seem to understand why I am doing so good. My Pulmonary Doctor said I looked like a different Person on my last Appointment.. She said no need to make a follow-up visit. I just smiled and said Good-bye.

Thank-you Dr. Glidden! Keep-up the Great work! ”

Mike M

“As a subscriber to your Glidden.Healthcare website I am responding to your request for healing stories. I had first heard you on Alex-Jones’ InfoWars Radio Show as a guest a few years ago. I decided to become a subscriber to your website and choose to be more diligent in fixing my health problems.

For the record I am a 47-year-old male, 165 pounds. I suffered from allergies and asthma since my youth, relying on Western medicine and my “rescue” inhaler to “manage” my asthma. I also tended to catch colds, bronchitis, and whatever else that was “going around.” Also - my blood pressure was high.

After following the advice you laid out in your Health Recovery Webinars, not only have I not had asthma symptoms for about 6 months, but my blood pressure is down to about 135/90 on average - with no medication. I also found other improvements with my overall health and well-being. Things that I thought were normal in a 47-year-old body - like neck and joint pain - have all but vanished. Sure, I still have an occasional pain from straining my body on a job, but my recovery now is in days, rather than weeks.

I thank you for all the information and work you put into your website. I dare say you saved me a lot of misery, and maybe my life. I was going down the road as another under nutrified, sickly, and miserable human being. At 47 years old I now feel better than ever, and I haven’t been sick in months. Even better, I get compliments that I look much younger than my age!


Thanks again Dr. Glidden! ”

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   Dr. Glidden is a licensed naturopathic doctor (MN license # 1022). The information contained in his Subscription is not guaranteed to be 100% effective 100% of the time.The recommendations contained in this Subscription are based on over 30 years of clinical work by Dr. Glidden. He has seen these strategies produce positive results numerous times - that's why he is offering them. But everybody's health condition is different. It is impossible to know (before you try Dr. Glidden's recommendations), the extent of the damage that currently exists in your body - nor how far back your body will be able to bounce from the influence of his recommendations. There are no guarantees here. That's life. It is Dr. Glidden's position however, that is is worth trying and maybe failing, or maybe succeeding, than not trying at all.


   Additionally, it is always a good idea to secure the services of a licensed wholistic health-care provider locally whom you can use to help you to objectively assess your response to the treatments that Dr. Glidden (or anyone else) recommends - especially if your condition is life-threatening.